Flip Your Perspective:

An Intro to Mind Training

What if we could turn even the worst of life’s pain and challenges into ways for us to be happier, better people? Many claim to have figured that out, but often come up short. But what if someone really had hacked that, after all? Then put it into a handbook? They did! It’s called Lojong. One way we can know it works is that it’s been tested, refined, and ever popular for literally ages. It’s recently come to America, and an American, Lama Tsomo, has brought a great deal of it to Happify. Join her for a journey deeper into the true nature of life and yourself, in this track.

What's included?

2 Surveys
5 Texts
7 Audios
Lama Tsomo
Lama Tsomo

About the instructor

Lama Tsomo is an American lama, author, and co-founder of the Namchak Foundation and Namchak Retreat Ranch.

Born Linda Pritzker, Lama Tsomo followed a path of spiritual inquiry and study that ultimately led to her ordination as one of the few American lamas in Tibetan Buddhism.


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A quick course in how to make long-term changes to how you use your mind!

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